City Update

Water Charge

Guidelines/Procedures followed for obtaining/giving domestic Water Supply connection to households in Corporations/Municipalities:

Procedure 1:

a) Protected water supply connection will be provided to the buildings that are assessed for property tax and to buildings exempted from property tax by the council.

b) Application for the house service connection under subsection 1(A) of section 131, section 132 of the Tamil Nadu District Municipalities act (Revised) 1920, as amended should be individually submitted by the owner of the premises by himself or through authorized representative may be in the form “A” along with the registration fee and submitted to the Corporation/Municipal Commissioner. Based on the seniority of matching the payment of registration charges, a list will be maintained upon the date of registration fees paid in the Municipal Office. Further after depositing the prescribed amount and the estimate charges and after obtaining the permission from the Corporation/Municipality, the connection works should be commenced. As per G.O No.97. MA&WS Department, Dated: 12.07.2007 water supply connection shall be given within seven days based on the seniority maintained in the registration.

c) A notice informing the caution deposit and estimate amount to be paid for getting the water supply connection will be sent to the applicant within three days of receiving the application.

d) The applicant should remit the caution deposit and the estimated amount to the concerned Corporation/Municipalities in two days and receive the work order before initiating the work for getting the water supply connection.

e) The charges will include a centage of 10% on the net value of the estimate against supervision charges. In addition to this road reconstruction charge and penalty fee fixed for unauthorized buildings should also be paid.

f) In case of supply to Government buildings the value of the works and supervision charges connected there with shall not be payable in advance to the Executive Authority. However, the Water supply connection will be given only after the payment of estimate amount to the concerned Corporation/Municipality on receipt of orders for water supply connection.

g) The charges levied for giving connection except the deposit will not be returned on any account and no interest will be paid for the said amount.

h) The applicant should have cleared all the pending property tax dues payable for the building before applying for getting water supply connection.

i) The form given by the Corporation/Municipality should be duly filled and all the documentary evidences called for should be attached to it and submitted to the Corporation/Municipality. The forms complete in all respects alone will be considered.

Procedure 2: If the applicant uses the connection fully/partially for the purposes mentioned below, the charges for consumption will be fixed on non-domestic basis:

a) Manufacturing & Commercial establishments, gardens, construction of buildings, fountains, swimming pools, entertainment and machinery usage, sale of livestock, private veterinary dispensaries, hostels, pharmacies, Theaters and other commercial usage.

b) Buildings of commercial establishments, buildings belonging to department of railways and water supply given to multi storied buildings of Defence department will be considered as non-domestic water supply connections.

c) Commercial connection implies water supply connection given to commercial establishments which includes connection given to hotels, restaurants, tea stalls, coffee shops, theatres and other establishments undertaking commercial activities.

d) Factory connection implies water supply connection given to all factories and industries registered under Industries Act. Soda and Ice making factories, cottage industries and rice mills are included under this clause.

Procedure 3:

a) If Water supply through a house service connection is utilized both for domestic and non-domestic purpose, the water charges shall be levied at the non-domestic rates

b) The Water supply connection to Governed administrative companies should be fitted with meters and charges for domestic and non-domestic purposes should be based on meter system.

c) No connection will be given to the premise which is not levied with property tax. If an existing domestic house service connection is in a building and if this building is reconstructed or modified or major repairs undertaken and if protected water supply is utilized for the above purposes, the connection will be taken into account as usage for non-domestic purposes and the rate of charges will be collected accordingly.

d) After the completion of construction activity the applicant should take steps for reassessment of property tax and after paying the pending dues of property tax, the individual should apply to the Corporation/Municipal Commissioner for conversion of non-domestic rates to domestic rates by paying the penalty fees. The rates will be revised on verifying the applicant’s statement.

Procedure 4:

a) The connection to the individual house shall be by means of a single pipe from the D-system through a ferrule and a flow control valve. Water shall not be supplied from a house or building already assessed separately and no connection shall be given from existing connection or a connection proposed to be given for any other premises. Here the word House shall mean a building standing alone or more than one building that has been assessed under a single assessment for property tax.