List Of Tenders

S.No Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1Providing water supply distribution main at Aswin nagar 1st & Aswin nagar 2nd cross street in ward no.33.T.No.135/2021-202221-SEP-21 03:00 PM21-SEP-21 03:30 PM
2Maintenance and Repairs to Borewell with Handpumpand power pump in ward no :38,39 & 42 AreasT.No.138/2021-202221-SEP-21 03:00 PM21-SEP-21 03:30 PM
4Cutting, Grinding & Dismantling the top closed portion of the existing segregated box type tipper body on LCV-125 Nos in Solid Waste Management primary collection.T.No.147/2021-202221-SEP-21 03:00 PM21-SEP-21 04:00 PM
5Providing RCC Post With Barbed Wire Fencing at Singaraya Nagar Park and Childrens Play Field, Karumandapam in Ward No.45T.No.139/2021-202221-SEP-21 03:00 PM21-SEP-21 03:30 PM
6Providing Gym Equpments with Maintenance and Repais to Gym Building at Raman Nagar Gym Building in Ward No. 54T.No.144/2021-202221-SEP-21 03:00 PM21-SEP-21 03:30 PM
7Desilting of Storm Water Channel at Kottai Vaikkal and Rettai Vaikkal in Ward no : 8 & 9.T.No.149/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
8Desilting of kottai vaikkal from Thennur High Road to Fort Station Road in Ward no.12 and Kalla street to Pillukara street in Ward no : 17T.No.150-5/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
9Desilting the channel by using Machinery and Manually at ward no.44,46,47 & 48 in Golden rock zone. T.No.146-1/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
10Desilting the Existing Flood Carring Gandhi Nagar Channel , Arockiya Nagar Channel, Arasu colony channel, Selvanagar channel, Piratiyur Channel, Kollankulam Channel, Vasantha Nagar Channel, and Cauveri Nagar Channel by using Machinery at K.AbisekapurT.No.148-1/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
11Desilting the Existing Flood Carring Channels and Major drains by using Manual and machineries in Ward No:49,50,55 & 56T.No.148-3/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
12Desilting of Nattu Vaikkal ( From chennai trunk road to chennai bye pass ) in Ward no :4 & 6.T.No.150-2/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
13Desilting the Channels by using machinery & manuval at Ward Nos: 35 & 37 in Goldenrock zone.T.No.145/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
14Desilting the Existing Channels by using machineries at maligaipuram and iruthayapuram channels in ward no.22.T.No.142-5/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
15Desilting the channels by manual at Tharanallur area ( from Rattaivaikal) in Ward Nos: 14 & 15.T.No.142-4/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
16Desilting of Existing Channel by using machineries at Ariyamangalam areas in Ward Nos: 7,28 & 29.T.No.142-3/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
17Desilting of Existing Channels at north kattur and south kattur areas, Thiruverumbur areas by machineries in Ward Nos: 61,62 & 64.T.No.142-2/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
18Desilting the Existing Channels by using Manual and machineries for areas in TSRM road, senthaneerpuram channel, valluvar street channel, G.corner ground to service road, Keelapudur main road, duraisamypuram main road, Aavaiyar street channel, Anbu nT.No.142-1/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
19Desilting the Existing Flood Carring Channels by using Manual and machineries at Aravanoor channel, fathima nagar channel and kathikai channel in Ward No:60T.No.148-5/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM
20Desilting the Existing Flood Carring Channels by using Machineries at Kathirikkai channel,Kathan channel, Ganapathi nagar & MM nagar channel, shanmuga nagar channel, Selva nagar and Rainbow nagar channel in Ward No:52 & 53T.No.148-4/2021-202217-SEP-21 03:00 PM17-SEP-21 03:30 PM

Report On : Saturday, 18-September-2021 04:55 AM