List Of Tenders

S.No Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1Maintainance and Repairs Works To karumandapam south Street ISP in ward No:45T.No.33/2021-202230-JUN-21 03:00 PM30-JUN-21 03:30 PM
2Maintenance and Repairs and Construction of Septic tank at Aravanoor FOL in Ward No: 60.T.No.34-1/2021-202230-JUN-21 03:00 PM30-JUN-21 03:30 PM
3Maintenance and Repairs to male and female toilets at keerakollai street in Ward No: 57.T.No.34-2/2021-202230-JUN-21 03:00 PM30-JUN-21 03:30 PM
4Supply, Delivery, Erection and commissioning of flow meter all so integrated to New SCADA system in Inspector of police amaravathi Block quarters, marsing pettai, ward no 47 at ponmalai zone.T.No.22/2021-202229-JUN-21 03:00 PM29-JUN-21 03:30 PM
5Annual Maintenance Works to Community Kitchen with Bio Digester Plant at Woraiyur Market in Ward No.59T.No.30/2021-202229-JUN-21 03:00 PM29-JUN-21 04:00 PM
6Providing Cement Concrete pavement with at Nesavalar colony 5th cross street in ward no.58T.No.31/2021-202229-JUN-21 03:00 PM29-JUN-21 04:00 PM
7Providing center median landscaping arrangements at puthur EVR road in Ward No.52T.No.23/2021-202223-JUN-21 03:00 PM23-JUN-21 04:00 PM
8Providing BT Patch Works at Annanagar Sivaprakasam salai in Ward no.50, Palayam bazaar main road in ward no.55, Thillainagar main road, Sastri road in Ward No. 56.T.No.26-1/2021-202223-JUN-21 03:00 PM23-JUN-21 04:00 PM
9Providing BT Patch Work at Kulumikarai main road in Ward No.49, Kannadasan salai, Rajarajan street, Bharathiyar street, Gandhiyadigal street in ward no. 50, Kora street & Devar colony cross streets in ward no. 55, Thillainagar 1 to 10th cross streetsT.No.26-2/2021-202223-JUN-21 03:00 PM23-JUN-21 04:00 PM
10Providing BT patch work at K.Abishekapuram zone in Ward No.51,52 and 54. Area.T.No.24/2021-202223-JUN-21 03:00 PM23-JUN-21 04:00 PM
11ANNUAL MAINTANENCE FOR HANDPUMP IN WARD NO 22,23,24 &26 AREAST.No.21/2021-202218-JUN-21 03:00 PM18-JUN-21 03:30 PM
12Providing water supply distribution main in Central Jail special camp in ward no.35T.No.17/2021-202215-JUN-21 03:00 PM15-JUN-21 03:30 PM
13Providing BT patch work at Vathukara street, Navab Thottam main road, Bangali street main road & Mettu street main road in Ward No.57 & 59T.No.19-2/2021-202208-JUN-21 03:00 PM08-JUN-21 04:00 PM
14Providing BT patch work at Kamatchi Amman kovil main road & Tawker road in Ward No.58T.No.19-1/2021-202208-JUN-21 03:00 PM08-JUN-21 04:00 PM
15Reconstruction of RCC Culvert at Arunachala Nagar 6th, 9th &10th Cross, Sriram Nagar Main road, Kalyana sundaram Nagar 3rd cross, Vinayaga Nagar 3rd Street, Kollankulam main road, Near Arasu colony Reading room, E.Pudur State bank colony 1st & 2nd sT.No.08/2021-202203-JUN-21 03:00 PM03-JUN-21 04:00 PM
16Additional works to Toilet at Keela Chinthamani in Ward no.09T.No.15/2021-202202-JUN-21 03:00 PM02-JUN-21 03:30 PM
17Repairing, Rewinding and Servicing of 1 No. of 150HP non-clog Submersible motor (M2) pump set sewage type at Tanjore Road (Block - II)- HT UGD pumping station.T.No.12/2021-202228-MAY-21 03:00 PM28-MAY-21 03:30 PM
18Providing ( 90mm dia HDPE ) water supply distribution main at Rajamanikkam Pillai Street main road & cross streets in Ward No.37.T.No.09/2021-202225-MAY-21 03:00 PM25-MAY-21 03:30 PM
19Providing Cement concrete Pavement at Ponnurangapuram,Trunk road Extn street (Near pallivasal & Near IOB )in ward no:4 & 6T.No.268/2020-202109-MAR-21 03:00 PM09-MAR-21 03:30 PM
20Maintenance and repair works to FOL at Ellakkudi Madha Koil Street in ward No: 63.T.No.259-2/2020-202126-FEB-21 03:00 PM26-FEB-21 03:30 PM

Report On : Tuesday, 22-June-2021 08:35 PM