List Of Tenders

S.No Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1Desilting of Nattu Vaikkal in Ward No.1 & 3 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128-1-222330-JUN-22 03:00 PM30-JUN-22 04:00 PM
2Desilting of Nattu Vaikkal in Ward No.3 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/2 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:29 PM30-JUN-22 04:29 PM
3 Desilting of Nattu Vaikkal ( Chennai Trunk Road to Chennai Bye pass ) in Ward No.5 & 6 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/4 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:41 PM30-JUN-22 03:01 PM
4 Desilting of Samba Vaikkal (Nelson Road to Chennai Bye pass Kollidam Bund) in Ward No.4 & 5 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/3 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:37 PM30-JUN-22 04:37 PM
5Desilting of strom water channel by using manual and machinery at rettai vaikkal in ward no: 15TN 128/5 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:00 PM30-JUN-22 04:00 PM
6 Desilting Kottai Vaikkal from Tennu High Road to Fort Station Road in Ward No.21 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/7 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:14 PM30-JUN-22 04:14 PM
7Desilting of Rettaivaikkal Open chennel From Kurinji College to Kulumi Karai in Ward Nos.17, 18 & 31 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/9 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:39 PM30-JUN-22 04:00 PM
8Desilting Storm Water Drain in Ward Nos.30, 31, 33 & 50 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/11 -2022-2330-JUN-22 12:18 PM30-JUN-22 04:18 PM
9Desilting Open Channel and Storm Water Drain Using Manual and Machineries in Ward Nos.32, & 49 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/13 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:05 PM30-JUN-22 04:05 PM
10Desilting existing flood carying storm water drain by manual in Ward Nos.47 (34) at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/ 15 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:41 PM30-JUN-22 04:41 PM
11Desilting Channel with Manual and Machineries in Ward Nos.47 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/14 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:35 PM30-JUN-22 04:35 PM
12 Desilting Open chennel Using Manual & Machineries Ward Nos.34 & 48 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/12 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:53 PM30-JUN-22 04:53 PM
13Desilting of Chennels by Manual at Tharanallur area (From Rettaivaikkal ) in Ward Nos.17, & 18 at Zonal II. TCC.TN 128/10 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:11 PM30-JUN-22 04:11 PM
14Name of work : Desilting Pillukara Vaikkal from Kalla Street to E B Road in Ward No19 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/8-2022-2330-JUN-22 03:31 PM30-JUN-22 04:31 PM
15Desilting of Storm Water Channel by Using Manual at Kottai Vaikkal in Ward No.12 at Zonal I. TCC.TN 128/6 -2022-2330-JUN-22 03:04 PM30-JUN-22 04:04 PM
16Reformation of BT surface using CMP with Paver finisher at Indra Gandhi Street In Ward No: 64(086064R2850)T.No.110/2022-202317-JUN-22 03:00 PM17-JUN-22 03:30 PM
17Removing and Refixing Existing Damaged Paver Block at Anna Stadium (From Roundana to EVR Collage ) East Side in New Ward No.47.T.No.111/2022-202317-JUN-22 03:00 PM17-JUN-22 03:30 PM
19Supply and Delivery of Stationeries at Corporation Main Office and Four Zonal Office in Tiruchirappalli City Corpoaration T.No.01/22-23(C9)15-JUN-22 03:00 PM15-JUN-22 03:30 PM
20Providing Fencing Arrangments at Kooni bazar in Ward no:51 (Old Ward No:48)T.No.77/2022-202314-JUN-22 03:00 PM14-JUN-22 03:30 PM

Report On : Wednesday, 29-June-2022 04:13 AM